The Military Child Education Coalition CONVERGEUS PARTNERSHIP

2012 Military Student Solutions Partner: Military Child Education Coalition

Problem Statement

Through a partnership with ConvergeUS, the Military Child Education Coalition hopes to develop a digital portfolio tool that will allow children of military parents to track their academic progress to improve outcomes and quality of education. The tool would allow teachers to familiarize themselves with a particular students needs and strengths as to best assist a student in performing at their maximum potential. The Military Child Education Coalition requests the support of ConvergeUS to develop such a tool. ConvergeUS could also adapt the tool for implementation in other organizations that could benefit from a similar prototype.

The MCEC is recognized as a premier nonprofit organization with a global reach, focused solely on the issues of the military-connected child. The Coalition has fifteen years of experience in educational issues for military-connected students, emphasizing mobility and transition. Their professional staff has worked in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education and is technologically proficient. A background in evidence-based research, publications, and professional development, combined with long-standing relationships with both military and education leaders makes MCEC uniquely positioned to address the needs of mobile military-connected students and their parents.

Background on the Nonprofit Organization

The Military Child Education Coalition has been working for the past fifteen years on helping to facilitate an easy and welcoming transition for military children who are repeatedly required to move from school to school across the nation (or world in many cases) as their parents face redeployment. Estimates say that around 80% of military connected children are forced to move between 6-9 times as they complete their k-12 education, and along with the geographical move comes changes in educational settings and curriculums. These changes have the potential to drastically alter the course of learning for a child, especially in regards to STEM education. Teachers and educators need to be made aware of these issues so that they can effectively provide aid and support to military children. The tool would allow educators to first have an overview of a student’s educational history, which would allow them to target areas that need attention. It also helps highlight the student’s success and progress in areas of accomplishment. As each state has different standards for STEM education, students of military families face additional challenges in complying with regulations to maintain proficiency in these areas. The tool would also provide families with resources to help them advance the child’s education in anticipation of a move across state boundaries. With a large network of affiliated children, the tool has the capacity to drastically improve educational outcomes and can be transformed to assist other organizations whose goals could be advanced by a similar model.

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